Leave-In Conditioner Guide


Finding the right products to use for your breed and coat type can be very tricky, and sometimes frustrating. Trying different products and getting the wrong result can be very stressful – especially when you have major shows coming up! No worries, though, with this handy leave-in conditioner guide – you won’t have to struggle with picking the perfect leave-in conditioner ever again!



Designed for double coated breeds and drop coats, Coat Link Coat Dressing‘s lightweight foam is the perfect moisturizer for breeds that need a light moisturizer that doesn’t weigh down the coat. This ultra-moisturizing formula makes it the perfect companion for drop coats as a daily moisturizer. Coat Link works great on all coat-types that need a light but moisturizing conditioner.

Pro Tip: Double coated breeds should use a leave-in conditioner about once a week if prone to dry skin.



Ice on Ice Ready-to-Use is an excellent product for all coat types! It is not only a wonderful leave in conditioner for Drop, Smooth and Wire coats – it also is a finishing spray, protects from UV rays and color fading, helps detangle knots and matts, AND repels dust, dirt, urine, and grass stains.



Precious Drop is another leave-in that works great on most coat types – as it contains Keratin, and helps to strengthen the coat, but also to repair damage. A leave-in conditioner and Keratin protein treatment in one, Precious Drop is a must have product for all breeds with damaged, or long coats!

Pro Tip: Precious Drop also helps fight frizz, reduce matting and eliminate breakage!



A long time staple of the pros – Pro-Line Pro Gro is a premium skin and coat conditioner that can be diluted and used as a leave-in! That’s right – it can be used as both a regular conditioner AND a leave-in! Made with natural ingredients like creamy conditioning Coconut Oil and gentle essential oils such as Mineral Oil, Pro-Gro works to alleviate dry skin and coat while leaving a gorgeous shine!

Pro-Gro works best on drop coats, wire coats, and smooth coats.

Pro Tip: To use as a leave-in, dilute Pro-Gro up to 16:1, for extra dry coat, use at 8:1.



Our newest addition, Quench Leave-In Conditioning Spray is a feather light moisturizer inspired by nature that creates a “moisture foundation” by infusing individual strands with natural conditioning ingredients vital to healthy skin and coat! Packed with nutrients, Quench is excellent for all coat types to create a healthy, shiny coat.


For more information on the products listed in this guide, including usage and directions, please visit our website. To find a distributor near you, click here.

13 thoughts on “Leave-In Conditioner Guide

  1. Kara Onativia says:

    My Maltese I keep in full length. She gets groomed about every 4 to 6 weeks. I brush her about twice a day, morning and night. I have both ice on ice and drop precious. Should I use both of them? I was using the ice one, Because of her Length she does get some knots. But was told I should use the drop one. But that one does not take out any knots, not that I’ve noticed. What should I be doing?


    • chrischristensensystems says:

      You can definitely use both! If you find that the knots are still occurring and you’re fighting what feels like a losing battle, I would suggest you start bathing her in Ice on Ice Shampoo & Conditioner to help detangle and prevent knots and matts.


    • chrischristensensystems says:

      Hi Linda! If you don’t really need one, and are using conditioner in the bathing process, then you don’t have to use one! However, Ice on Ice works for many different things – including protecting the coat from harsh UV rays when going outside, and preventing stains from grass, dirt (also urine etc.) when playing! I would recommend having it on hand for those reasons. 🙂


  2. Debra says:

    What do you recommend for Birman cats? I have one with a very silky coat that never mats or gets knots and another with a soft and fluffy coat that can get small knots or mats but can be greasy behind his ears. Thanks!


  3. Azlan says:

    I groom my long hair cat with set of, clean start followed by spectrum 10 shampoo and conditioner.
    But the result, cat’s hair not very fluffy . Could you please advise in terms of the ratio between water & shampoo and anything related as I am not very sure whether it’s correct or not what I have done


    • chrischristensensystems says:

      If you would like the coat to be fluffy I would recommend switching to Spectrum One Shampoo and continuing to use the Spectrum Ten Conditioner, or try Pro-Gro Conditioner. 🙂 You can also use Thick N Thicker Foaming Protein in between the shampoo and conditioner to add volume where you want it.


  4. Jane Shuey says:

    What do you recommend for a leave-in conditioner for a 6 month Old English Sheepdog? His hair has never been cut, just brushed with your 27mm pin brush. No mats, using your slicker on his butt area. Would like to keep his hair long. Need something for static, etc. Please advise. Thank you.


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