Brush Guide: Slicker Brushes

Easily one of our best selling items is our slicker brushes. From the Big G to the Mark II we have a variety of slickers to fit every need. In this post, we will cover each slicker brush we carry. THE MARK SERIES Our largest slicker line, is the Mark Series, which consists of traditional … Continue reading Brush Guide: Slicker Brushes

Brush Guide: Pin Brushes

One of the most common questions we get is, 'Which brush is right for my dog?" To make it easier to choose the right brush for your dog or cat, check out part 1 of this series where we break down each brush line for what it does, and what coats it's best for. First … Continue reading Brush Guide: Pin Brushes

What is Coat Type?

All dog breeds can be categorized in one of the four basic coat types. The four coat types are: Smooth, Coarse, Drop, and Wire. Coat type varies by breed, and will change slightly over the coarse of the dog's life - which is why we recommend different shampoos and conditioners for puppy coat than we do an adult dog. For beginners, coat type can be a good indication on the amount of grooming that your breed will need.