Brush Guide: Specialty Brushes

In the third and last part of the brush guide, we will be breaking down the specialty brushes and explain what they are do, and which breeds they are suited for. ANDREAS SERIES The Andreas Series is a Nylon/Boar bristle brush that comes in two sizes: medium and small. Originally when this line was released, … Continue reading Brush Guide: Specialty Brushes

Health & Happiness Heroes: All Natural Alternatives

Keeping our furry family members healthy and happy is our number one priority as dog and cat Moms and Dads. At Chris Christensen Systems, we know how scary it can be to put things on your dog or cat and not know if it's good for them, much less if it will work. That's why … Continue reading Health & Happiness Heroes: All Natural Alternatives

What is Coat Type?

All dog breeds can be categorized in one of the four basic coat types. The four coat types are: Smooth, Coarse, Drop, and Wire. Coat type varies by breed, and will change slightly over the coarse of the dog's life - which is why we recommend different shampoos and conditioners for puppy coat than we do an adult dog. For beginners, coat type can be a good indication on the amount of grooming that your breed will need.