Coat 101: How to Deep Condition (Using the Diamond Series)

In order to deep condition a coat, we need to apply the conditioner on clean coat and then use heat to allow the conditioner to penetrate into the dog’s hair cuticle as much as possible. This is easier to do then you think and can be done in the following steps.

Step One

Bathe your dog in Clean Start shampoo. (Clean Start ensures that we are removing all of the toxins, pollutants, buildups of other products, any dirt and debris that is in the coat and/or on the skin.) Rinse thoroughly and apply to your dog a second lather with either the Miracle Repair or Miracle Moisture shampoo, and then rinse it thoroughly.

Step Two

Mix your Miracle Repair or Miracle Moisture conditioner, diluted eight to one with water. It is best that you use an immersion blender or a shaker cup, similar to that that you would use with the protein drink (such as this one), to make sure that the conditioner is emulsified thoroughly in the water. If not mixed thoroughly, you can get a mixture of conditioner and water and not have the product fully emulsified within the water. After it has been thoroughly shaken, or mixed, apply the conditioner on your dog and leave it on for 10 minutes. Make sure to rinse the conditioner out completely.

Step Three

Towel dry your dog, leaving the coat damp, but not dripping. Squeeze out all the excess water with your hands, then squeeze out all the excess water with a towel.

Step Four

Place your toweled dry dog on a grooming table, apply generous amounts of Miracle Cream to any dry areas, any frizzy areas, any areas that need more conditioning. This can be the ends of the coat for drop coated breeds, the tips of the top knots for poodles, hock hair or an all over treatment for any breed of dog.

Apply the Miracle Cream quite generously by dispensing a generous quarter amount into the palm of your hand, rubbing it between your hands and then applying where needed. You are going to do this over a several sections using enough Miracle Cream to cover the areas you need depending on the size of your dog and the amount of dryness in the coat.

Step Five

Take a white kitchen type garbage bag, place this garbage bag over your dog’s coat. You always place the bag behind the ears going towards tail.

Next take a towel that has been wet with warm water and then wrung out and place this towel over the plastic bag, again starting from behind your dog’s ears down to the tail.

When done correctly, your dog will look like this:

Step Six

Now you want to take a hot dryer, a handheld dryer or a stand dryer that is on the warm or hot setting, and you want to just dry the towel. You are just using the air to hit the towel. The towel then stays warm. It makes the plastic bag warm. It makes the conditioner warm and the conditioner will deeply penetrate the hair’s cuticle, applying extra conditioning properties. You can do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

At this point, you might be thinking, how is applying heat helping condition my dog’s coat?

Good question. Heat enhances conditioning in two ways, one, it lifts the hair cuticles, allowing all the good stuff to access the middle of the strand, where all the good conditioning properties need to be. Second, it enhances the absorption of the products themselves.

I like to do it while I’m sitting beside my dog, scrolling through Facebook on my phone and/or reading a book.

***Please never leave your dog unattended while you are using the warm dryer on the towel. If your dog starts to get warm, starts to pant excessively, please stop the treatment.***

Step Seven

Turn off the dryer, remove the towel and the bag, and then lightly rinse the Miracle Cream out. You may follow up with After U Bathe finishing rinse, if so desired, and then dry your dog as normal. We suggest that you use this treatment as a maintenance or deep conditioning treatment and not as a show bath.

For more information on any of the products listed, visit our website or contact your local distributor. To find a distributor near you, click here.

I have used this treatment for many years on many of my dogs. I have also used it as a spot treatment for dogs that are missing hair on their ruff, on their belly and on their hocks. To do this simply apply the Miracle Cream to those areas, wrap the plastic bag and then the towel around and dry as best you can. This method works well and I suggest that you do it on dogs that have some frizz, damaged coat, or just need a little bit of extra conditioning due to styling products or other pollutants about once a month.

I hope this helps with your conditioning needs. You can write to for any questions regarding this method.

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